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Custom Home Builders Vs General Contractors
A custom home building company is a company that transforms an architectural vision into a real-life building. Custom home builders can create custom homes from scratch using unique construction techniques. An architect can design a plan that showcases a unique home model that can be built by a custom home builder. Professional home designers can create a plan that meets the specifications of the customer.

Custom home builders use several methods to build custom homes. Some build from scratch using state of the art technology. Others use pre-constructed designs that customers can choose from. Still others use an existing structure and modify it. One of the most popular methods of building custom homes is to build from pre-designed plans provided by the customer and the architect/designer.

To build a home from a plan requires the expertise of an architect and a professional custom home builders. It also requires that the customer locate a building site that has adequate foundation and the proper drainage system. Many times general contractors are not required to build the homes but must bid on the project. In order to win the bid, the general contractor must prove that he or she can build the homes in the specified time frame and within the budget outlined by the customer.

When building custom homes many times it is necessary to hire some sort of subcontractor. Many general contractors work only on large projects such as commercial buildings, but they may have connections with remodelers and contractors who do small projects on a smaller scale. The general contractor should work with a remodeling company that he or she works with on a regular basis. The remodeling company will then take over the job from the general contractor.

Before a contract is signed between the two, the designer and builder may offer to provide the customer with several different offers. These offers are usually for varying time frames and price levels. The rate lock provision in the contract is one of the most important provisions in these offers. The rate lock provision requires that the builder offer a fixed rate to the customers who pay for custom home builders to build their homes.

Often the remodeling company will need to pay a certain percentage of the bill on a per-hour or per-day basis. If the house plans or blueprints are not complete then the cost of materials will need to be added into the overall cost of the house plan. This will need to be done by the general contractor. When the house plans and blueprints are complete the general contractor will have final say on the cost of materials. The final price of the house plan will be dependent upon the extent of the subcontractor’s involvement.

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